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17 September 2018

Brand New Courses for Adults

Speak to the World

At LAL we aim to provide our students with tools that will allow them to use language to communicate with the world.

Travelling abroad to learn a new language is a great way to experience the world. We strongly believe that the interaction with a different culture is an essential part of the learning process. We organise exciting courses and activities allowing students to experience life in their destination of choice, while learning a new language and making memories that will last a lifetime.

With that in mind, we have launched exciting new courses for our adult students:

1. English for 30+ / 40+ with activities pack

We believe that sharing a course with people of your own age boosts the acquisition of a new language. To make it even better, we are including our amazing activity package to our English for 30+ and English for 40+ courses. The package offers a wide variety of activities that will help students practise their new knowledge in a natural way.

2. Travelling Classroom Torbay

The Travelling Classroom is a package that includes 1 hour of formal lessons during the 5 day trip, but in reality, you will have much more than that. You will learn all the time throughout the day and will be able to ask questions and improve your language in a very natural way.

We are delighted to announce that our Travelling Classroom is now available in Torbay. Students will take our 5 day tour accompanied by a qualified teacher. They can choose from two routes stopping at cultural centres including Bath, Liverpool, York, Cambridge, London and Brighton.

3. ICAO Test Preparation

We now offer our ICAO Test Preparation course separate from our Aviation English course. The ICAO Test Preparation course will help students achieve and maintain the Level 4 (operational) and it’s perfect to those looking to enter the aviation industry on an international level.

4. General English + 2PT

The General English course + 2PT at LAL will provide students the knowledge to understand and communicate effectively in English. In addition to this, students will receive two private tuitions per week, which will give them more personalised lessons to enhance the specific areas.

5. Semi Intensive English in Fort Lauderdale

Our Semi Intensive English course is now available in Fort Lauderdale. Students will take advantage of learning English in beautiful and sunny Florida!

6. Mini Group English

Our brand new Mini Group English course is designed for a group of a maximum of 6 students. Students will still benefit from classroom interaction but will have that extra attention and a more personal touch to lessons.


For more information about our courses and programmes please visit our website or download our 2019 brochures.

We wish you a wonderful sales season and look forward to working with you!

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