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8 small ways to learn a new language faster

8 September 2023

If you are on the incredible (but challenging) journey of learning a new language, you probably already know how long it can take to make progress in certain areas.  Luckily, there are well-researched techniques you can use to speed up your learning and make the most of time with LAL here in Cape Town. Here […]

How to improve your pronunciation when learning English

17 August 2023

Learning to speak a new language goes beyond memorising vocabulary lists and getting familiar with different grammar systems. You also need to be able to communicate and make yourself understood. This is where pronunciation plays a massive role. If you want to know how to improve your pronunciation when learning English, you’re in the right […]

Bullet journaling techniques to improve your English

16 August 2023

The best way to learn a new language is to use it regularly in a real life setting outside of the classroom. But real life doesn’t always – or can’t always – take the form of chatting to locals and ordering local food at restaurants. Learning English also comes with being able to read, write […]

Language-learning plateaus and how to get over them

26 July 2023

If you feel like you’ve stopped making visible progress in learning a new language, you’re not alone! In fact, this is so common, there’s a name for it; it’s called the plateau effect or the learning plateau. Let’s dive into why language-learning plateaus happen, and discuss key strategies to getting over the hump. Read More

Local foods in Cape Town you have to try when you’re a LAL School

14 July 2023

If you’ve done your research and decided that Cape Town is the destination for you, you probably already know about some South African food. The classics include braais, milk tart, shisa nyama, biltong, mielie meal and Amarula. These are available all over South Africa, and since you’re visiting Cape Town, we hope to give you […]

LAL’s English-teaching methodology

22 June 2023

In one of our previous articles, we explored how young learner’s brains are primed for language learning, especially before they start school. While teenagers are more equipped than adults to learn a new language, it can still be challenging in some areas. LAL Schools accepts both young learners and adults, and have developed a unique English-teaching methodology […]

How to prepare your child to travel alone

14 June 2023

If you’re thinking about signing your child up for English lessons, there’s no better learning experience than an English-speaking country where they can practise naturally. LAL School is proud to offer this service for young learners in Cape Town, South Africa. If you’re worried about sending your child away for an extended period of time […]

7 mental health benefits of learning a new language

26 May 2023

Learning a new language doesn’t only have to be about travel or a career in a different part of the world. It’s also a cognitive skill that can work towards improving your mental health. Read on to discover 7 essential mental health benefits of learning a new language. Some of them may pleasantly surprise you. […]

Dorm room and campus etiquette advice for shared student housing at LAL

10 May 2023

When you study at LAL School in Cape Town, South Africa, you will be sharing a small campus and student accommodation with other students. It is normal for tensions to sometimes arise in these kinds of situations, but there are some things you can do to make your time away from home easier for everyone. […]

10 unique things to do in Cape Town

26 April 2023

When you’re studying with us at LAL School in Cape Town, you’ll have plenty of planned activities and excursions to keep you busy most of the time. But during your down time, you and your new friends might want to head out into the beautiful city to find hidden gems. Explore 10 unique things to […]