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Dorm room and campus etiquette advice for shared student housing at LAL

10 May 2023

When you study at LAL School in Cape Town, South Africa, you will be sharing a small campus and student accommodation with other students. It is normal for tensions to sometimes arise in these kinds of situations, but there are some things you can do to make your time away from home easier for everyone. […]

10 unique things to do in Cape Town

26 April 2023

When you’re studying with us at LAL School in Cape Town, you’ll have plenty of planned activities and excursions to keep you busy most of the time. But during your down time, you and your new friends might want to head out into the beautiful city to find hidden gems. Explore 10 unique things to […]

What is the best age to learn a new language? A look a the role the ageing brain plays

19 April 2023

Have you ever heard the story about the little boy who was raised by wolves in a French forest? Anecdotal history tells us that when humans found this child and brought him amongst their own to educate him, he refused to learn to speak. Other toddlers his age, however, could effortlessly pick up multiple languages […]

10 reasons to live in Africa, even for just a short while

24 March 2023

No matter who you are or where you’re from, travel is always going to be a wonderful, educational and enlightening experience. But Africa offers a truly unique adventure, and spending a short holiday there often isn’t enough. To truly immerse yourself in everything it has to offer, you need a longer stay. Whether you’re relocating […]

The benefits of Cambridge B2 First exam preparation for international students

9 March 2023

The Cambridge B2 First Exam has been designed to test all areas of your English language abilities. The exam tests four facets of language proficiency: writing, reading, speaking and listening. If it is your goal to study or work internationally, preparing for and passing this examination is a massive investment for your future. Today we’ll […]

Cape Town is the best city for learning English

23 February 2023

If you don’t know already, learning English with LAL Schools is all about real travel, real experiences and real life. We want you to be able to speak English in the world around you, and not just to pass a test or ask for the bill at a restaurant. Our school is based in the […]

Sharing the love!

17 February 2023

Dear friends, Earlier this week we all came together and celebrated #ValentinesDay at LAL Cape Town 💖 As you can see, it was a day filled with love and fun! It’s events like this that make studying at LAL so special.   INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK LINKEDIN YOUTUBE TWITTER

The benefits of learning English for your career

13 February 2023

Whether English is an additional language you’ve begun to learn, or you’re a first language English speaker, anyone can benefit from English lessons for career growth. You will earn a better understanding of industry vocabulary and jargon, live and work all over the world and make new memories with amazing people hidden behind a language […]

What happens in the Classroom?

7 February 2023

Dear friends, We caught up with one of our learners at LAL Cape Town. We followed Joao Victor to his morning lesson with teacher Habibah to show you a little bit more of what goes on in the classroom.📚 Check it out! INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK LINKEDIN YOUTUBE TWITTER

Load Shedding explained and 5 cool tips to get through it!

1 February 2023

What is Load Shedding If you‘re planning a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, you‘ll likely hear about something called load shedding. Load shedding is a term for the process of carefully planned electricity cuts and is something that most Cape Town residents have become accustomed to. Load shedding is a way of controlling the […]