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12 April 2021

LAL’s UK Summer Schools London Twickenham, Berkhamsted & Brighton will not reopen in 2021

LAL regrets to announce that all of its UK Summer Schools, namely London Twickenham (St Mary’s University) Brighton and Berkhamsted, will not be reopening in 2021.

We understand that while there are far fewer young learners planning to travel this year, there are still a number of them who indeed want to experience learning English and having the time of their lives with LAL in the UK this summer. As a result, we are still taking bookings for our Young Learner programmes at LAL Torbay. Any of our learners who are booked for either London Twickenham, Berkhamsted or Brighton Summer Schools will now be able to convert their booking to Torbay. However if they would like to defer their bookings to 2022, we’d be happy to assist them in making the relevant change.

Any changes or cancellations will be dealt with efficiently by the relevant Regional Sales Managers who will be in touch with all affected agents and students.

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